2.699 km

Number of days:

999 EUR
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  While riding All Around Poland, we will take you along the edges of our country. Thanks to this, you are able to get to know its diversity by undertaking a trip through many characteristic, sometimes contrasting regions of Poland. We start with visiting a 13-th century castle Drahim, erected by the Order of the Knights of Malta. Afterwards we visit an abandoned Soviet base, built in the era of communism. Through the Tuchola Forests, we ride to Gdansk where we sightsee the old town, with the famous 14-th century port crane in the front. From Gdansk we go to Frombork, a town where the great astronomer Nicolas Copernicus lived and made his discoveries. We visit his private observatory and use Fuocault’s pendulum proof, that our planet really spins. The following day of the trip we spend in Mazury – a region of 2.700 natural water reservoirs. We step by the Wolfs’ Liar – a secret bunker built for the purpose of being Adolf Hitler’s indestructible headquarters. We also see how ships sail on the grass, watching them on the Elbląg Canal. We spent one night in the heart of the Biebrza marshland, where we taste appetizing specialities of the local cuisine. One day we spend riding far from traffic and main roads, having in sight lands, that belonged to the Soviet Union until several years ago. That day, we ride along the eastern border of Poland, across regions that have recently been the poorest in the European Union. We have also prepared a day for a rest from the motorcycle saddle. We spend it in Zamość, a charming city in the East of Poland, with the old town belonging to the UNESCO world heritage list. Due to its architecture, Zamość is called the Padua of the East. From Zamość we move to the south – east outskirts of Poland – the Bieszczady mountains. Bieszczady is a relatively low urbanised region, where still, not many tourists come. The pearl of the Bieszczady mountains is Solina lake, picturesquely filling narrow valleys with its navy blue waters. From Bieszczady we head westwards into the following mountain ranges, i.e. Pieniny, Karpaty and Beskidy. At the Czorsztym reservoir we visit two strongholds, standing on its opposite banks. We spent a night in the capital of the Polish Tatra mountains i.e. Zakopane. We try to climb with the cable railway to the Kasprowy Wierch peak, reaching 1.987 m above sea level. Further, riding narrow, winding, mountain roads we go to Żywiec, famous of its brewery founded in 1856. We tour this brewery with the local tour guide. From Żywiec, we go to the border town of Cieszyn, where we visit the town’s Castle Hill. There is a historic donjon, estimated to have its origin in 1180. Its picture is also printed on the Polish 20 PLN banknote. The following day is completed by visiting a 13-th century, the third biggest castle in Poland – the Castle Książ. Going farther westwards, we stop by a phenomenal object, which is the Skull Chapel in Czermna. At the end we sightsee a small, artistic glassworks, where we can see utilitarian pieces of glass art being made by hand.

Distance: 2.699 km
Number of days: 10
Number of overnight stays: 9
Price: 999 EUR

What is included in the price: all accommodation, all breakfasts, 24h company of the group leader, local tour guides according to the following description. Accommodation at premises of minimum *** standard.


Day 1. The middle ages and the Cold War

Day 2. Towards Hanza

Day 3. Concrete Hitler’s headquarters

Day 4. Idyll

Day 5. Time for rest

Day 6. Bells, pipes and Bieszczady mountains

Day 7. The heart of concrete dam and castles by the lake

Day 8. A beer in the mountains

Day 9. 24 thousand skulls

Day 10. Artistic glass bending